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How to Optimize Tech

In the financial planning world, there are many different tech tools you can use to further your practice. In fact, there are so many different options available to you as an advisor that it can become difficult to use the right tools in an efficient way. It’s easy to...

What Makes a Good CRM?

At New Heights Solutions, we believe in the power of an exceptional CRM. Of course, not every CRM is created equal in price or quality, which is why it’s important to dig deeper to find one that works for you as a financial planner. We want to break down the pros and...

Cost v. ROI

There are so many things available for new business owners to spend their money on. It often feels as though there are too many options - and financial planners who have founded a new RIA are overwhelmed with sticker shock. Deciding what expenses are worth the cost,...

Cybersecurity for Advisors

Cybersecurity is a necessary part of our business climate today, but it’s especially critical for financial advisors. When you’re charged with not only protecting your own data but that of your business and the personal finance data of your clients, you need to make sure you have an airtight game plan. A data breach for you could potentially be catastrophic for both you and the clients you’re serving.