Virtual Assistant Services for Financial Advisors

At New Heights Solutions, we only serve other financial planners and RIAs.  This means we are extremely efficient with various financial planning tools, CRMs, custodians, and other technology used in the financial planning industry.  We aim to be true partners in your back-office and will provide solutions that are best for your business and budget.

See below for examples of tasks we frequently conduct as virtual assistants:

Financial Planner Support


Filtering incoming emails from prospects or responding to general inquiries


Scheduling appointments


Transcribe recorded meetings into written notes/action items


New Client Onboarding


Facilitate opening or closing of accounts (i.e. TD Ameritrade)


Follow up on NIGO alerts


Follow up with prospects


Billing clients


Sending client communications


Track or research CE opportunities

Office Assistance


Webinar Setup and Moderation


Recruiting Assistance


Clean-up document management

Practice Efficiency


Documenting operating procedures


Suggesting improvements to business processes


Creating workflows within CRM

Social Media & Blog Management


Scheduling social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Create graphics for social media posts


Proofreading blog posts


Posting on WordPress


Podcast Publishing

Pricing Plans

Our retainer packages are based on a minimum commitment of hours each month.  By committing to a regular amount of hours each month, you will be paired one-on-one with a dedicated, U.S.-based Virtual Assistant on our team.
Packages & Rates:
  • Basic Package: 20 Hours

Starting: $1,100/month

  • Plus Package: 40 Hours

Starting: $2,000/month

  • Pro Package: 60 Hours

Starting: $2,700/month

*No Hours Carry-Over. Prices subject to change.
Retainer packages are best for clients who have a regular need for a virtual assistant, but don’t want the expense of hiring a full-time employee.
Hours used during the previous month are billed on the first of each month.  Since we set aside our time to honor your committed hours, we bill any unused hours to reach your commitment.

The more hours you commit to, the lower your hourly rate is!

Additional Pricing:
10-Hour Trial Package ($550)

We understand bringing on a new team member can be overwhelming, and you might not be sure where to start.  In order to help, we offer a 10-hour “Introduction Package” for $550.  This time allows us to get comfortable working together before a long-term commitment.  These hours can be used for:

  • Initial Kick-Off Meetings
  • Selecting the technology we will need to access (CRM, E-mail, etc.), and assistance with setup
  • Review and modeling of key business processes (i.e., Client Onboarding, Opening Investment Accounts)
  • Identify initial tasks to take off your plate

The 10 hours of pre-paid time expires after 90 days and are non-refundable.

Hourly Rate ($55/Hour)
For clients who are not ready to commit to a monthly block of hours, we can handle projects as-needed with our straight hourly rate.

business process and technology Consulting Projects

We have packaged together common projects that our clients ask us to work on. These projects are quoted as a flat fee and can vary based on complexity. If you have an idea for a project you’d like help with, we are happy to provide you with a custom quote.

Full Procedure Review & Documentation for RIAs ($1,500 - $3,500)
When starting a new RIA, documenting your business processes is probably not your first order of business. However, having well-written procedures for each process in your business is key to maximizing your efficiency.

As part of this package, we work with you to understand your business processes and develop custom written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your practice. We can also provide helpful, unbiased feedback by experiencing your processes just as a client might.

Technology Optimization Review ($595 - $1000)
Making sure your technology is being used to its maximum potential can help make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. We can help review and suggest improvements to your current software systems (or lack thereof!).

Implementation of any of our suggestions may be a separate project.

CRM Clean Up ($350 - $750)
Do your client and household names all follow the same naming convention? Are your client files nicely organized and easy to find?

We can help organize your CRM so that you are using consistent naming and categorization of your prospects, clients, and files. This package also comes with a written procedure document so you can follow these best practices going forward.

Custom Projects
Have another project you want help with? We help clients improve their client’s experience, implement new software systems, integrate their existing systems (where possible), and more. Schedule a consultation to chat more.

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