Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual Assistant for Financial Planners

New Heights Solutions also offers virtual assistance to other financial planners and RIAs.

With extensive experience using a number of top software solutions for advisors such as eMoney, Wealthbox CRM, RedTail CRM, PreciseFP, and DocuSign, we are best positioned to help you and your firm save time and money.

By choosing to partner with someone who has a background in both the Financial Planning and Information Technology industries, you can limit the amount of time it will take to onboard a new assistant.  We know the lingo, we know the technology!

Take the mundane, time-consuming tasks off your plate so you can focus on growing your business with new and existing clients.

We are open to handling any routine task you might want to delegate.  Read below to see some commonly outsourced tasks:

Virtual Assistance Tasks

  • Assitance with onboarding new clients
    • Managing new client agreements and paperwork
    • Sending new account paperwork
    • Creating client records in your CRM and/or financial planning software
  • Scheduling meetings with new and existing clients
  • Webinar Setup and Moderation
  • Support with Social Media
    • Transposing blog posts
    • Scheduling Facebook or Twitter posts
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Other Administrative Tasks
  • Cost: Starting at $30.00/hr   Can increase depending on complexity of each engagement

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