Client Onboarding Toolkit

Streamline your onboarding process and save hours!


Do you feel like your client onboarding process has too many steps, or takes too long? What if you could cut HOURS out of the onboarding process by implementing a standard, streamlined workflow?  

Use the resources we are providing so you can find more time in your day to grow your business or be with your family. 

In this free toolkit, you’ll receive the following:

  • “Client Onboarding Made Easy” Guide
  • Process Flowchart
  • Step-by-Step Onboarding Procedure Template
  • Client Data Gathering Checklist

Client onboarding is a critical process in any advisor’s practice.  Not only are you collecting sensitive information from your clients, but your client’s experience during the process can make or break your future relationship (and referrals!).  

After working with a number of advisors on their on their onboarding processes, we decided to share what we’ve learned by putting together a client onboarding toolkit.  This collection of resources will help guide you to a more efficient business process.

Take the guesswork out and download your toolkit today!